When your sewer camera is in need of repair, finding a fast reliable solution is critical. If your sewer camera is not working, you're not working.

There are 2 main issues regarding a sewer camera repair:

Cost of the Sewer Camera Repair

The cost of the repair will depend on a few things. Is it under warranty? What part of the sewer inspection camera needs to be repaired? Are the sewer camera parts modular, allowing for a much faster repair?

How Long Will the Sewer Camera Repair Take?

Time is money and the time the sewer camera is out of commission just adds to the expense. Knowing what options you have when it comes to a sewer camera repair is something you should find out before you buy. Depending on what sewer camera you bought, you will have different options.

There may be a local shop that can handle the repair you need. Keep in mind that if the parts you need are not in stock, it will add to the time it takes to get your sewer camera fixed. If you bought a sewer camera that is modular, you will likely only need to order the part rather than ship out your camera.

Consider that if the monitor were to break on your modular sewer camera, in a pinch, you may be able to quickly replace it with a short trip to Best Buy or Walmart. If you are not sure where to get your sewer camera repaired, your best bet is just to call the manufacture or visit their website.

They will most likely have instructions on sewer camera repairs. Also, some of the sewer camera dealers may also have information regarding sewer camera repair options. If the cost of the sewer camera repair is just too high and the age of the sewer camera is also getting up there, it may be time to buy a new sewer camera.

For service, parts, and repair information on the specific brand of sewer camera you need, visit their website:

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